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Our skill installers can put down a wide range of natural stone patios in County Clare. With options ranging from porcelain, granite, sandstone, marble and York stone. All our natural stone is sourced from quality suppliers with a wide range of colours and design choices available.

One of the questions we get asked the most at All Seasons Driveways, is what is the difference between natural stone patio and a normal patio. The biggest difference between both of these products is the type of slabbing that is used.

Here we will highlight the differences between the choices:

Natural stone comes from nature and such will not fade or lose colour. A patio built with natural stone will last a lifetime even when everything else around it has worn down from weather and age. You can redesign the patio area at a later date, lifting up the old natural stone, wash them down and put it back down leaving it looking like a new patio.

Manufactured stone although it can mirror the look of natural stone, will fade in colour over the years. This is normal as manufacturers stone is made from concrete and all concrete will lose colouring through weather and age. Available in a range of styles including riven, textured and patio paving.

The biggest trade off between choosing what type of patio will suit you, comes down to preference and your budget. Natural stone is more expensive since its cut from nature versus manufactured stone which is mass produced.

Natural Stone Choices:


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